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The Smokey eye is one of the most used looks for the average make up lover. It is quick  and adjustable for every occasion. Achieving the perfect smokey eyes takes practice to achieve, it can be frustrating at times especially when its applied unevenly or unsymmetrical. One problem I know we all deal with is maintaining the shape.

Tip : For perfect a perfect smokey eye use tape !

Image result for tape smokey eyePlacing tape by the eye makes a clean cut look for the perfect smokey eye, also it reduces the amount of product that would be applied on your face.  Putting tape by the eye will not only improve the application of the shadow but it will also help you create the perfect cat eye to go with it.

It is recommended that you apply you concealer after the tape is off the face. tape might leave a shiny mark but it can be corrected with concealer.

Tape is hands free but if you want to avoid the shiny mark i leaves you may also use  card and hold it in place of the tape. Keep in mind the tape helps you see where the eye shadow will go on both lids. a card is more difficult because it will have to be measured  based of look of the first side done.

No matter what you use (tape or card) the line will be perfect and straight -Be sue to let us know in the comments below which method you used we love to here from you !!!



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