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There is no doubt  that some internet challenges have took a turn for the worst. Challenges such as the #Hotwaterchallenge, #Cinnamonchallenge and #Saltandicechallenge have landed people in the emergency room, noted to be some of the stupidest challenges of the web. Beauty blogger Vika Shapel Makes beauty history after coming up with one of the most offensive web challenges called the chocolate challenge where she attempts transform half of her face into a deeper skin tone. Beauty bloggers of deeper skin tones quickly called shapel out for encouraging “black face”- known as  the makeup used by a non-black performers playing a black role  which commonly  portrayed colored people in a negative light.Related imageImage result for vika shapel

It is understandable how people could feel offended by the challenge, Shapel allegedly (we don’t have receipts ) apologized  claiming she had no idea what black face was followed by an apology to her supporters and any one else she has offended. The Instagram post she posted was quickly removed after the back lash.


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