Be Civil, Be You!

IMG_4061On Sunday we had the chance to experience Karen Civil during an up close and personal Meet N Greet at the “Be Civil, Be You” Success Diaries with L’Union Suite. Being a woman in a male dominated industry is not a cakewalk but Karen Civil still came out on top. She dominated the entertainment media field by branding herself while branching out too many other facets of media such as being the author of her own book, “Be You & Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking”.  She encourages people to take charge of their life by honing in on the positive, connecting with more of those positive commodities in life, and in return captivate more positive facets.  During the sit down she expressed some of her tips to success; One of them were to always work “smarter not harder”.  IMG_4680

Who says your dreams can’t become a reality? Karen civil has the key! The evening couldn’t end without a Q&A segment! Civil made sure to attend attention and deliver a thoughtful answer to every  individual that raised inquiry.  Not a soul yearning for information left  empty handed!  In addition to the opportunity to meet Karen Civil they all  left with a signed copy of her book.

IMG_0318Great reads, Delicious food & drinks, Jammin’ music, and most importantly, exceedingly influential life advice made this event more than remarkable for everyone in attendance.  Be on the lookout for more events that empower the women in your community from L’Union Suites!   


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