Mothers Day has came and went but the shocking gifts that it delivered are still ringing bells.  Most would celebrate Mothers Day with a nice dinner and some sensual loving for the after effect, but of course not in Hollywood!  Social Media flourished as stars showed apprecation to their mothers and their wives.  Showing just how exceptional the women in their lives are, they went to no lengths to ensure they felt the like the queen of England.  Of course, the most distinctive love of them all made a statement.  Kanye West made it a day to remember for the love of his life.  Kim Kardashian-West and first born North West woke up to a symphony and arrangement of dancers to bless her mother’s day morning.  Take a peek at the video.


Another star shared something with us that was heart warming and a little outlandish, but cute nonetheless: Draya Michelle!  She posted a secret video of her child’s birth and allowed her world to be viewed by millions.  Of course the video was reposted by many blogs and almost went viral in seconds.  Though most celebrities hide their pregnancy from the tabloids it seems as if Draya has an open door policy!

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