What does it mean to “calm” your skin? Aveeno claim their 1oz bottle of Triple Oat Serum can do that.

I have a deep love for Aveeno having sensitive skin growing up. I’m at the age where I’m trying to cling on to the appearance of my 20s. I have more expensive serums, but I liked this more. You can use it morning or evening. The key is that it doesn’t pill under your makeup so it’s great to use in the morning.

It takes a bit to sink in, but I loved the way it felt on my skin It feels like you could use it as a moisturizer, but it doesn’t have SPF, so we won’t be doing that. Even though the droplet-style push button dropper wasn’t that effective, but you can just pour it out.

I feel like the results give me healthier glow skin, but it lists a lot of slip ingredients that are just for hydrating. There are no long-term benefits and that’s not impressive at all. Maybe this product is better for someone younger just playing around with skincare. At first, I wanted to repurchase this item but as someone in her early 30s, skincare is too important to me to buy something with less than 1% of its ingredients go towards antioxidants.

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