Not too long ago, we covered a number of artists and athletes that were caught up in “When the Tweets Come Back to Haunt” Here we discussed whether or not  a public figure can bounce back from offensive and mostly racist tweets. It seems the saga continues with a number of female rappers all who have since apologized for hurting and alienating their fan base through their tweets posted in the past to their respective twitter accounts regarding the LGBTQ community.

Many fans are outraged and feel as though the apologies only come after getting caught. On the flip side, it’s no coincidence that these tweets are all coming out at the same time dating back to 2013. Is it really fair to hold these things against a person as if we ourselves have never said or thought something that may be offensive to another group of people? Growing up isn’t always easy to do. There comes a time when you start to leave behind things you were taught as a child and begin to use your own life experiences as the guide to shape your beliefs.  At some point we must allow a person to grow past ignorant ways of thinking, especially as a teen and young adult. Although this does not excuse what was said it says a lot that one is able to acknowledge being wrong and make it clear that this does not speak for who they are today.


Asian Doll took full responsibility and made it clear her ways of thinking have since changed


Careesha of the City Girls to all of her City Girls & City Boys for her past Tweets


Megan the Stallion admits to being insensitive and points out that some have engaged in the same behavior they criticized.

Doja Cat also apologizes for her problematic tweets


In a nutshell how crazy it’s crazy to go looking for a reason to cancel someone. Telling people how to feel is never OK, but is it fair to try to end someone’s entire career over something said 5 or  more years ago? (notice I’m talking about words not actions) True some things done in the past are unforgivable. Tweets from 2011 just isn’t one of them…

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