A Guide to Pregnancy while Touring

Many Female Entertainers are choosing “the route more traveled “. Braving the airways and highways on a Tour as a Pregnant Woman can be daunting. There’s a lot to take into consideration… Back to Back Cities? Morning Sickness? Well, we at Pretty Hustlaz have composed a few tips to help you along the way.


Once you and your Ob-Gyn have determined your estimated due date. Plan ahead to complete your Tour dates before your 36th week. Traveling long distances, especially by air, is not considered safe after week 36. Keep in mind there is a “sweet spot” between weeks 14 and 28. Mid-pregnancy a lot of complications like morning sickness will have subsided. Your body usually will have adjusted to the new life inside of you so you will have more energy as well.


Be Comfortable:

Make sure there are readily accessible bathrooms on your journey. You will need to stay hydrated and wear loose-fitting clothing while on your tour bus or on the airplane to prevent deep vein thrombosis. As an added tip stand up and stretch your legs every 1-2 hours as needed.



Prior to accepting bookings for your Tour avoid Countries with health advisories in place. Think about keeping your choreographed routine to safe movements to avoid falling over or being injured in your abdomen. Most importantly fulfill all of your scheduled appointments with your Doctor ensuring there are no complications.


Happy Touring! Let us know if you have your own tips for extensive travel while pregnant.


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