In The Meantime Book Club put together an amazing event at Beverly Center Bloomingdales. Constance White, author of “How To Slay” and Award- Winning Style Editor was there for her book signing and as a moderator for an amazing panel about the state of the fashion industry, beauty,and self image. The panel consisted of Political Activist Angela Rye, Fashion Designer Tina Lawson, and Fashion Consultant Eula Smith.

Diversity on the panel allowed different vantage points and  clear view on where fashion is today, and where it is going. There were a lot of gems being dropped and I just had to share these 5 things with you!

  1. Break the mold! Your sense of style doesn’t and shouldn’t be cookie cutter. Wear what makes you feel good, even if its a designer you’ve never heard of.
  2. Message Tee’s (jackets, jeans, etc) are trendy and great to wear. Try selecting items with a powerful message you believe in and stand by.
  3. Tons of followers doesn’t make you an influencer, its all about engagement. There is a lot of money to be made as a social media influencer, just find your niche and be consistent.
  4. A strong circle of friends that provide support is essential to your success and keeping you grounded. These are the people that you can call on that are ready to assist. The people who may not be able to invest in your brand financially but will bring someone to the table that can.
  5.  You must be passionate about whatever it is you choose to do and also be willing to help/make a way for others.


Patrons enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, music, photo ops, and an open bar. After the panel ended Constance signed books and patrons began shopping. 10% of all sales at Bloomingdales went towards Tina and Richard Lawson’s charity. This was definitely an amazing event and I encourage you all to follow these ladies as they continue their journeys.

Check out below for pictures…

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