Helping hands

        On October 13th Rapper Lil Jon and his family had a ribbon cutting ceremony dedication to a New primary school. Lil jon and his family took their time out and went to Ghana and build a primary school there, to help further kid’s education with the help of nonprofit organization named pencils of promise. Pencils of promise goes all around the world building schools in different countries. As their slogan goes “250 million kids can’t read this, lets change that” So far, they built 418 schools. Pencils of promise has programs running through Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. There ambitions are to spread knowledge to reduce poverty as well as empower women and help prevent diseases. Pencils of promise believes that everyone deserves access to education so they put their heart in to this. To make sure our youth has the knowledge to succeed. I love the fact that Lil Jon and his family decided to take part in the organization. Giving the time and opportunity for little kids to succeed and making sure that their brothers in sister in this world has a helping hand. What a special day for these young kids.



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