Having a positive mind is the first step to happiness. Positivity is the very thing that attracts all things good and well in your life. While I can go on all day on how negativity is not the ideal mindset, I rather give the antidote for the good stuff. Here are five tips you will need to keep a positive perspective on things .


It is important to be grateful for everything you have. It may seem a bit silly but imagine if you didn’t have eyes to read this wonderful article. Having the ability to do what your mind tells your body to do is an amazing thing. Please realize the amazing head start you may have on your life compared to some. Might I mention that you’re alive and have the time to choose your feelings. Being grateful puts your head naturally in a positive space.

Positive Environment

Submerging yourself in positivity  can be pretty hard  if your world is toxic. there is nothing a little spring cleaning can’t fix. Let’s cut out toxic friends , toxic food ,toxic men/women and a toxic space. Best way to create your new positive environment is to create it.


While being positive it is important, you have to not only think positive but really believe you’r positive. This brings your head space into a reality. Don’t Trick Yourself into being positive But be Positive.

Self Care

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t have to be preached but sometimes individuals with responsibilities have to hear this. How you look is how you feel. Do things that make you happy and feel good. Think about everything that would make you happy and accomplish those thoughts. The list varies depending on the person but include taking yourself out , dressing the way you want. Be that person you always thought you would be.


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