It’s the New Year and everyone has resolutions. But, as the year goes by resolutions are broken, forgotten, or put off until the next year rolls around. Here are 3 ways to stay on track and complete your list!

Ditch the resolutions! Make GOALS. 

Resolutions are often met with the desire to change or add something in life. Resolutions are good to have but goals are even better. Goals give you a direction and direct vision in carrying out what is desired. Resolutions rely solely on the decision to do or not to do, goals on the other hand, relies on a person’s ambition or efforts to achieve a desired outcome. Making the decision to write out goals will keep you focused and clear on what you need to achieve. When revamping your resolutions and turning them into goals, choose only three. Commit to three TIME SENSITIVE goals and focus on those only until the goals have been reached.

Get an accountability partner. 

Having an accountability partner provides many benefits along the journey. Having an accountability partner makes the journey just a little easier at times. They are there to be a cheerleader, motivator, someone to vent to, and someone to have fun with! Although your accountability partner is there for the encouragement, they are also there to keep you accountable. Pushing you when the motivation feeling as somehow gotten lost, turning motivation into determination to get it done. Get an accountability partner! Attach yourself to like minded people who want to see you win!


Act with urgency. 

Once you have transformed your resolution to goals, act immediately. Do not wait! Putting goals down on a piece of paper is the easy part but getting started is the hard part. Create in you a sense of urgency! Write your list of goals and execute! Do something everyday that gets you closer to accomplishing your goals.


2019 is yours for the taking. TAKE IT!


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