The 2nd Annual My Sistahs Keeper Gala 2018 was held Saturday, June 16th in Coral Gables, FL. “It’s My Time To Shine”, was the theme of the evening.

It was a night filled with laughter courtesy of Comedian Dr. Foolish, inspiration, & also included entertainment by Dedication Dance Academy, & Poet Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns. “Are you really your Sistahs Keeper,”  was the question posed by Keynote speaker, Author Tammie Polk, Virtuous Business Women, hailing from Memphis, TN.

The History of MSK

Mildred Washington is the Founder of My Sistahs Keeper. The organization was established December 5, 2015 following the death of her sister & after a visit to see Les Brown. God gave her a vision and by faith she has made it a reality. The organization began on FB as a women’s group with the initial purpose being to uplift, inspire, and encourage women. The organization has since expanded tremendously. In 2016 and presently they have helped women that are victims of sex trafficking, domestic abuse, struggling single mothers, homeless women, and women in emergency situations.  The gala was a fundraiser towards helping My Sistahs Keeper continue its purpose of assisting others during their time of need.

MSK Founder Mildred Washington and Keynote Speaker Tammie Polk

Gala Sponsor Mrs. Tashani Moore



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