Everyone’s favorite waist gang society is free at last! For the past couple of months the corporation has been battling a lawsuit for more than their companies worth!

imageIn March, Sara Hawes filed a lawsuit for over $5 million against Waist Gang Society and its reality star owner, PreMadonna, claiming that she was misled by the intended results of the popular waist shaper on behalf of herself and other women who felt wronged.
They claim that though they understood their results were not exactly how they would be on others they were under the impression that the product would help them lose and be able to control their weight.
On the corporation’s site, PreMadonna is quoted saying “…it’s a unique and efficient way to help women shed unwanted inches and feel good about themselves — no diet and exercise required.” These women took the advertisements for exactly what is worth.

imageOn top of the fact that the site gives you hope, celebrity personalities Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have been flaunting them all over social media and bragging about what miraculous things it had done for their bodies.

Researchers and experts say that the Waist shaper is not intended for women to LOSE the weight, but to assist them in moving the unwanted cellulite to other places on their body to enhance the visual appeal of their shape. Since the lawsuit has been in the California court system, many women have taken to finding out if their waist shaper has truly helped or hurt them with such a delicate topic.

imageMost of the Waist Gang Society products listed on their site range from $38 to $160. Products specifically listed in the lawsuit include Sweat Fitness Belt, #1 Zip and Clip Boneless Shaper, Waistgang Comic WaistShaper, Fullbody Shaper, Funkadelic Cheetah Waistshaper, Latex Gym & Garment, Miracle Waist Shaper, No More Back Fat!, Python Waistshaper, Superhero Waistshaper, and The Works!.

This past Monday all charges were dismissed and everyone else is going back to shaping their wastes there way they were before. Hopefully this will be the last cat coming out of the bag for a while, looking for a quick buck off of their misguided health tactics.

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