Glitz N Girl Power Awards 2017

The Glitz N Girl Power Awards at Briza on the Bay was this past Sunday, and if you weren’t in the building to witness the wonderful women of the industry acknowledge and congratulate each other on their achievements then you missed something special!  In honor of Women’s History Month, the spirit of Sisterhood, and feline entrepreneurship plus more Glitz N Girl Power hosts an awards show that leaves you speechless.

This year honorees included Remy Ma, Shelah Marie, Betty Wright, Steph Lecor, Supa Cindy, and MORE.  Everyone was present to accept their award and the speeches were filled with compassion and vibrancy, especially the encore that the queen of soul, Betty Wright, received when she stepped up.

The red carpet was gorgeous.  Filled with elegant dresses, divine headpieces, and many men supporting their women close at the hip.  The red lipstick that was adorned on the glass mirrors in the “Let Your Heart Flo” donation center was even more heart felt.

In addition to the exclusive chance to give back to the to “Let Your Heart Flo”, The Pretty Hustle Collection of Concealed Eyewear was launched and the women raved.  The FYFL excelling cheerleaders took an entire photoshoot before taking some home. 

Once the show began K.Foxx and Bryant McKinney swept the crowd away and announced the winners with their accolades for those present to appreciate.

Take a look at some of the Instagram posts from the recap of the night below.  Next year don’t miss the Glitz N Girl Power Awards!!






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