City Girls Give Sexy Tropical Vibes in “Not Your Main” Visual

“I’m that b!*@h, but I am not your b!*@h” -JT

JT being away hasn’t slowed the City Girls down in no way, shape, or form. The rap duo just dropped visuals for the sassy and slick track “Not Your Main.”  As many states are gearing up for winter, the audience can live vicariously through the Miami stars as they give sexy vibes and dewy skin on a beautiful beach. I can’t lie, I was excited to see JT in the video doing what JT does. Rumor has it she will only have to serve 6 months of her sentence for fraud. If this is true, we can expect to her out very soon. The girls are also expected to release a mixtape sooner than later. Personally I’m still bumping Period religiously, but I cant wait to hear what they have in store! Check out “Not Your Main” Below!


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