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College Urges Students Not To Dress Like Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is an American icon, especially since her marriage and children with American rap star, Kanye West.  Yet though she is so cool, a college in Belfast, Northern Ireland prefer their students not dress like her on their graduation day.  The administration gave a presentation titled “Style Tips...

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the REAL star, getting REAL sued !

Every 90’s baby #Prettyhustlaz’ favorite childhood singer might be going down after her REAL comeback.  Adirenne Bailon has been allegedly sued for 200K by her former management company, Go2Man Management.  The lawsuit documents claim that Bailon signed a 5 year deal with the  Go2Man in 2011, guaranteeing them 20%...

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Baby Shower Fever in Hollywood

LOVE LOVE LOVE is really in the air.  As we all know, with love comes babies right after.  Everyone loves to keep up with celebrity affairs and love circles and last week was the week to keep up.  4 famous couples had their baby showers on the same day,...

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