Beauty Tip Tuesday’s : How To Create “The Swoop Edges”

The latest lay and slay method has been modified time and time over the years. A more modern and chic way to have baby hairs without looking childish is to do “the swoop”. The best thing about this method is that no matter your hair type , this look can be achieved with little to no effort after you get the hang of it.

What You Will Need ?

  • Tooth Brush (preferably stiff bristles)/A Brush / Edge Tool Brush
  • A Tale Comb
  • Gel or edge control


The Method

Once done styling hair, you  will use the brush to softly brush your edges downward. Once gel is applied to the brush or edge control with the tips of your fingers begin to brush the sectioned edge. As you brush the edge curve it inward followed with the index finger.wile lifting the brush carefully of your head your index finger should be pressed firm. By doing so will keep the shape of the edge. After forming that first edge make a part with the tale comb to desired with. While making the part you will follow along the index finger to assure the shape. After making one part you will repeat the process until you have reached the desired number of parts.


Tip For Natural Hair

  • The result would be a smoother finish if hair is  really wet or Blowed dried straight.
  • For kinky hair gorilla glue (the hair gel ) works well with the hair texture
  • If hair is flat ironed, don’t use gel use edge control
  • Spray water while using gel it will reduce marks.


Tips For All

  • hair spray will keep edges in place all day.
  • By tying your head up with a scarf or bandana keeps the style in place so you won’t mess it up before you leave the house
  • Any way you curve the brush your hair is going to go in that direction as long as you follow through with the finger.




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