Beauty Meets Media Miami Powered by @MediaGirlsLA

Media Girls LA made it across the country to bring us a unique event where the beauty and media worlds collide. The event had a panel of social media influencers from various industries and was sponsored by Sheen Magazine. As each woman shared their success stories they offered words of wisdom to help all aspiring entrepreneurs and even the ones considering entrepreneurship to go for it! There was an amazing amount of girl power in that room and the networking that we witnessed was jaw dropping. Lots of embracing, business card exchanging, and social media following was happening. Definitely a worthwhile networking event.

The panel consisted of the social media elite, @queendomdinasty, @iamsandycoffee, @_hairbyivy, @iamraewilson, @starrdawkinz, @kaicealea, and @misslulusimmons with @cassidyjrdn as the moderator. Each woman was successful in their own right and used different platforms to gain their notoriety. The common theme for most of the panelist was simply to get started. Collectively they did a phenomenal  job motivating the audience and offering relatable advice.

We had the pleasure of meeting several of the panelist and MJ, the creator of Media Girls LA. During our encounter MJ expressed the need for creating an organization based on support and being able to provide information to media professionals and aspiring media professionals. Media Girls LA even post job openings on their site along with hosting events in the hopes of facilitating partnerships.

We caught up with Starr (@starrdawkins) who is the CEO of Sweet Cookie Wash. Such a catchy name for feminine products! The Sweet Cookie Wash contains all natural ingredients to keep your “cookie” fresh. She explained that her thought behind the product came from her Caribbean culture. According to Dawkinz, Island women tend to not wash with harsh chemicals, they like to keep everything natural. Starr knew that her customers could benefit from the same thing so she created a product that could be used by ALL women, designed by a woman. Her product proved to be a profitable source of income and she even offers additional feminine products.

Ivy (@_hairbyivy) explained her amazing journey from being a  self taught hairstylist to becoming a celebrity hairstylist. When asked about her choice to become a hairstylist, she mentioned always having a love for hair. She remembered feeling unfulfilled and praying for a sign or some clarity on what she should do with her life, and just like magic, or shall I say a miracle, she started doing hair. Since then she hasn’t looked back and has successfully created an empire well on its way to becoming a household name.

There were many other notable stories from our panelist that will resonate with us for a long time. These women persevered through adversity and created brands built on solid foundations. I encourage you to follow each of the ladies we mentioned and join them as they continue their journeys starting new businesses, launching new products, and leaving their mark on the world.


Photos Courtesy of: @romeotvstarboy



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